In week 26 we will be pulling plugs on greens on the big track. This will mean that Forni is closed Monday until 13 and Bagni will be closed Tuesday until kl. 13. Time can still be booked in the golf box for the 9 holes that will be open. This will also bother the game afterwards, where the greens can be a bit uneven. We are doing what we can to reduce this.

Plugging means that we remove some of the soil in the upper part of the greens, and then we add a lot of new sand. We do this to get some healthier growth conditions for the plants as it provides a lot of oxygen to the soil. At the same time, it improves the firmness of the greens, and all the new sand at the top results in a better and drier turf.

Sincerely. The Greenkeepers



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