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Their 7 – 18-hole course

Par 4 – Index 15

Tee 48: 247m    Tee 52: 247m    Tee 57: 269m    Tee 61: 269m

A blind par-4 hole where you can see the first 2 bunkers from the tee and a 3rd hiding behind the hill.

The small green is low and without anything to save a too long inlet, so it can therefore be an advantage to place its drive either to the right of the piles, or are you long-winding over the piles on the left side, to get a view of the green in recorded.

If you are far-reaching, the green can also be reached with the driver – but it is with significant risk.

Note that there is a bell on the way away from the hole, and if you are far-reaching, please wait until the bell has rung.




Video guide

The clip below shows the hole taken from the drone in May 2020.

Since the recording, the piles have been renovated.

3D guide

The clip below shows the game guide from the hole in 3D graphics