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Their 6 – 18-hole course

Par 3 – Hcp 11

Tee 48: 140m    Tee 52: 153m    Tee 57: 153m    Tee 61: 171m

A hole without bunkers – does that sound easy?

On this picturesque Par-4 hole, precision is paramount, as the green is surrounded by streams both in front and behind, and the fairway falls both to the left and forward.

A long stroke on the far right side of the fairway leaves the green open for an accurate entry. If you play short or too much in the left, you risk that the next stroke is blocked by the trees in the left. In any case, your input will be from a skewed rent that causes many to hit cards and hit the creek in front of the green.




Video guide

The clip below shows the hole taken from the drone in May 2020.

The bunker has been renovated since the shooting

3D guide

The clip below shows the game guide from the hole in 3D graphics