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Their 2 – 18-hole course

Par 3 – Hcp 13

Tee 48: 138m    Tee 52: 165m    Tee 57: 165m    Tee 61: 190m

Hole 2 is a medium-length Par 3 hole that for the long-strikers is ready to go to.

The hole was originally designed as a Par 4 hole, where the tee was located high on the hill to the left of the 1st green, but due to the security and the close location of the houses to the left of the hole, it was converted to a Par 3 hole.

One should be aware of left green bunkers that are not immediately visible from the tee.

If you do not have the length to reach the green with sufficient stop on the ball, it is possible to get the ball to roll on the green, but there are not many meters to land on if this strategy is to work.

Behind the green there is a cut so it is easy to get to, unless you hit too much too far.



Video guide

The clip below shows the hole taken from the drone in May 2020.

The hole has had all the bunkers renovated since the recording

3D guide

The clip below shows the game guide from the hole in 3D graphics