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Their 10 – 18-hole course

Par 4 – Index 12

Tee 48: 305m    Tee 52: 355m    Tee 57: 355m    Tee 61: 381m

The hole here defends itself with the length and the fact that it goes uphill all the way to the green.

To increase your chance of getting on the green in the 2nd stroke, you should drive as far as possible and as close to the piles in dogleg as possible. If you are very far-reaching, you can drift over the piles and be rewarded with a short entry towards the green.

It is also possible to land driven immediately before the bunkers, but beware of out of bounds all the way to the right.





Video guide

The clip below shows the hole taken from the drone in May 2020.


3D guide

The clip below shows the game guide from the hole in 3D graphics