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Their 1 – 18-hole courses

Par 4 – Hcp 7

Tee 48: 261m    Tee 52: 261m    Tee 57: 309m    Tee 61: 322m

This hole looks easy at first glance, but with your head under your arm you can quickly get into trouble.

Most players should hide the driver away, because hidden from the tee is a small lake on the left side, and a depression on the right side just after the fairway bunker – if you land there you stand with a blind entry to the green.

Most people will therefore do their best to put the drive up to the left of the bunker for a medium-long 2nd shot against the green.

The tray on the left side of the green often lets an inaccurate entry roll down the green, and the left side is therefore the ‘safe’ side of the entry. Shortly after the green, it drops sharply downhill, so be careful not to hit too far. Should it happen anyway, the area behind the green is clipped and easy to play from.



Video guide

The clip below shows the hole taken from the drone in May 2020.

The hole has had all the bunkers renovated since the recording

3D guide

The clip below shows the game guide from the hole in 3D graphics